Wooden Venetian Blinds

To compliment our shutters, we also offer a superb range of made-to-measure wooden Venetian blinds, manufactured to the same high quality as our shutters.


Our Pure Wood blind collection is the most comprehensive & advanced blinds range in the UK, offering a multitude of finishing options & is the perfect solution to any traditional or contemporary interior.


Options include:


  • Easy-lock mechanism allowing precision control to the mm
  • 35mm, 50mm & 64mm slat widths
  • 60 paint & stained finishes
  • Custom colouring option
  • 10 head-rail finishes including 3 exclusive brushed aluminium designs designed to be fitted without a wooden valance to give the blind a contemporary twist
  • 6 valance options in matching wood finish
  • Routeless privacy option (no punch holes) great closure makes it ideal for bedrooms & bathrooms
  • 26 plain & patterned decorative tape finishes
  • Trapezoid bottom rail with flush bottom rail caps to eliminate damage to window sills & prevent the blind from rocking
  • Child safety cord consolidator option 


Our blinds are 100% made-to-measure, which means that unlike cut-down blinds, they are:


  • Designed to fit rather than cut to fit
  • Manufactured from quarter sawn wood for character & tight grain, eliminating warping
  • Custom kiln-dried, subjected to Prescription ConditioningTM & multiple processes of sanding, blinds are then finished to the highest standards using a premium oyster finish with 10 coats & a UV protective layer to help resist fading.
  • Finished to perfection, with no unsightly chipping from rough saw blades
  • Consistent, with all control cords located the same distance from the end of the slat. With cut-down blinds, the location of the control cords will vary greatly as the blind width is trimmed to size from either end.
If you think the description sounds good, just wait until you see the samples!