Shutter Styles

Our hand crafted made-to-measure Internal Plantation Shutters can be manufactured to suit even the most awkward and unusual window shapes and styles. For more information on each style contained within our extensive range, please click on the style menu below.

Full Height

Our most popular shutter style with panels stretching from top to bottom. Full height shutters are often fitted with divider rails, enabling the upper & lower louvers to be independently tilted. The same effect can also be created without a divider rail by simply splitting the louvres, ideal for windows without horizontal glazing bars.


Ultimate flexibility is achieved by installing an upper & lower tier of panels. Either tier can be folded back independently of the other. Ideal for bedrooms where lower level privacy is needed during the day but full window coverage is required at night.

Bay Windows

Shutters are the perfect solution for all bay windows because custom-made angle posts are fitted to prevent the usual corner gaps associated with blinds. Full-height, Tier-on-tier & Café style shutters can all be fitted to bays.

Cafe Style

Panels cover the lower portion of the window only to give lower level privacy whilst allowing light to pour into the room from above. Perfect for overlooked, day room windows.

Tracked shutters

For larger installations such as patio doors & room dividers, panels can be suspended from a top-track & guided by a floor-track, allowing them to fold or slide back to the sides. Panels can either be hinged so they fold & stack or alternatively, they can slide back with one in front of the other.

Wardrobe doors

Shutters make great wardrobe doors as the louvers can be tilted to ventilate clothes & closed when required. Doors can be made to fold or slide.

French Doors

Shutters are mounted directly to the French doors using special frames incorporating a door handle cut-out to allow access to the French door handle without opening the shutter. When the doors open, the shutters go with them. Really practical & looks great.

Special Shapes

Unlike blinds, shutters can be made to almost any shape or angle, so whatever the shape of your window, shutters can usually be fitted. For arched windows, a paper template of the shape is taken. The shutter frame is then manufactured to the precise shape of the template to ensure a perfect match. Shaped shutters take a little longer to produce, but it's well worth the wait!

Solid panels

Made in full-height, Tier-on-tier or Café style format & available in several designs, solid shutters offer a traditional alternative to louvers panels.

For doors with glazed tops & solid bottoms, we offer a shutter to mirror the design perfectly incorporating a solid base combined with a louvred upper section